Leadership is...

...a mindset

The way we think about situations, problems or possibilities directly impacts the way we feel and how our brain functions.

...a behaviour

The way we behave impacts our interactions with others and influences how they feel and how they think.


Behaviours lead to actions which lead to outcomes. Outcomes are an indicator of our Leadership effectiveness.

...a way of being

How you demonstrate your Leadership is how you show up in the world. Leadership is not something you just do at work – it is a Way of Being.

"A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves."
Lao Tzu

...is a learning process

This combined approach of knowing and doing provides the fertile grounds for receiving feedback (both self reflection and external experience) which is the cornerstone of making the leadership journey, a deeply personal learning experience. Not a one size fits all approach. Leadership Development is an internal exploration of what is most effective for each unique personality and character. Our Leadership Development programs harness this meaningful experience to bring real leadership capability into being!

...takes practice

The only way to do is to be (Lao Tzu). This quote really provides the basis for our approach. We will present the most current neuroscience, leadership theories and relevant stories, plus provide (in tandem with senior leaders) real life opportunities to lead, in order to give aspiring leaders the confidence to explore different ways of being a leader.

...cannot be learned in a classroom

Too many Leadership development programs focus on theory, the most fashionable terminology and trends making the development experience prescriptive and sterile, which ultimately makes leadership ethereal.

...is not a science

Human beings by nature want to understand things. In order to do that, we employ a scientific approach to break things down (reductionism) into disparate parts and look at them through a micro-scope. Fascinating stuff, but oh so complex and ultimately, no single way is the truth. The key is to bring the parts together through the power of story, in a (holism) way that is effective for each unique individual. We blend both modern-day science and ancient wisdoms to create an original and meaningful process for growth.

leadership is a way of being

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"The ultimate measure of a man/woman is not, where he/she stands in moments of comfort, but where he/she stands at times of challenge and controversy."
Martin Luther King Jr

Employee Retention

Increased Employee Retention - Associated costs are between 30-250% of the salary.

Increase In Revenue

Better leadership can generate 3-4% increase in customer satisfaction scores, corresponding to a 1.5% increase in revenue.

Improve Productivity

Blanchard research has identified most people operate with a 5-10% drag in productivity.