At Leadership Horsepower we are…

  • Passionate about liberating potential
  • Dedicated to the people we serve
  • A dedicated team of free thinkers, aligned to each other and exceptional in our fields
  • Committed to adding value to the organisations that engage with us.
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We peel back leadership to its core purpose –
to serve the needs of others.

We achieve our vision by coming back to our values.

Be Connected

We invest in building rapport to understand what’s meaningful to you and help you make the link to your life.

Be Brave

We’re courageous in going where you need to go in order to discover new ways of being. We experiment and explore to find the most impactful way for you to learn and develop your skills.

Be There

We don’t go missing in action. We support you through tough times and care for you as our own family. We aim to provide an exceptional experience in the name of liberating potential.

Be Diligent

We follow up with you to ensure actions are taken and results are forthcoming. We’ll hold you accountable in an understanding and supportive manner.

Be Creative

We explore knowledge from a vast array of sources. We then synthesise ideas to create unique learning experiences that yield internal and external growth for you.

Be Powerful

We are a force for human flourishing. We are tireless in our support and encouragement of you, holding each individual we work with as a unique being, full of possibilities.

Meet the team

stuart harrison

Stuart Harrison

Chief Meaning Officer and Founder

I have over 20 years of consulting in the field of leadership, team and individual development. I invite my clients to expand their belief and awareness of what is possible so that they may achieve their best life through enhanced clarity and courageous action.

As Founder of Leadership Horsepower, I have been on a quest to unlock the complexity of performance. In my view, performance is only realised through clear intentions and deliberate connected leadership.

  • Supports leadership development at every level
  • Delivers executive coaching and mentoring to support people in positions of leadership
  • Develops coaching skills to support capacity building and increase performance
  • Helps increase emotional intelligence skills to create psychologically safe work cultures
  • Increases employee engagement by supporting a learning mindset
  • Assists personal and professional growth
  • Neuroleader i4
  • Squadify
  • LSI
  • Genos Enduring Impact
  • Cert 4 Trainer
  • TLC
  • GENOS Emotional Intelligence
  • MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence
  • TMS
  • Equine Assisted Training Specialist
  • DiSC
  • Emergentics
  • Institute of Executive Coaching

Stu loves surfing, a variety of outdoor activities, supporting and enjoying time with his wife and kids, listening to music and attempting to keep a respectable garden! He loves coffee and dark chocolate whilst watching a good movie or the footy.

Janice Burt

Leadership Coach and Co-Facilitator

Janice has over 15 years’ experience as a communication, engagement, and strategy development specialist. As the Founder and lead facilitator for Four Corners Coaching, Janice is an advocate for the healing power of animals and nature. As a natural visionary and leader, Janice inspires growth, conscious leadership, and high performance.

  • Helps people develop GRIT through resilience coaching
  • Aligns organisations through strategy development
  • Emotionally supports clients to grow through animal assisted interventions (Janice’s animal team includes a diverse herd of horses and her dog Rusty.)
  • Helps increase staff engagement and wellbeing
  • Shares her knowledge through public speaking and communication.
  • Bachelor of Business (Exercise Science and Sport Management)
  • Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
  • Advanced Certified Equine Specialist (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association).

Janice enjoys endurance horse riding, family beach days, playing live music and the occasional Netflix marathon with a bottle of wine.

rob hart

Rob Hart

Leadership Coach and Co-Facilitator

As founder of Zest Learning, Rob brings creativity in designing workshops that invigorate and energise teams and organisations.

Robert studied at the Sports Science and Human Performance-focused Loughborough University (Team GB Olympic Headquarters) and has worked globally in Senior Leadership roles throughout the UK, Netherlands and Australasia. He has extensive experience in a vast array of industries.

  • An active researcher in performance-focused psychology
  • Always at the forefront of new science and technology to deliver refreshing and engaging programs.
  • Produces programs at the cutting edge for optimising energy
  • Enhances vitality and mental fitness
  • Supports clients to develop emotional agility
  • An advocate for leadership development.
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • MBTI (Step II)
  • TMS
  • DISC

All things fitness and health. Rob is a walking billboard for vitality and health. He prides himself on either participating in physical activities (such as boxing and pilates), or mental and emotional ones where he invests quality time with family and friends. He enjoys new research and also discovering wonderful foods and adventures with his partner and his daughter.

lee williams

Lee Williams

Leadership Coach and Co-Facilitator

Over the last 13 years, Lee has facilitated leadership programs for, and coached, thousands of senior and mid-level leaders in all continents working in diverse private and public sector organisations. His experience includes supporting senior leaders and leadership teams in conflict zones running complex large-scale emergency relief operations. He currently works with senior leadership teams in the Middle East and Africa who are leading some of the largest humanitarian operations in the world.

  • Leadership Development – mid to senior level
  • Supporting Executive Teams in creating clarity, cohesion and an effective leadership culture
  • Executive Coaching
  • Squadify
  • LSI/LI
  • TLC
  • BSc (hons) Mathematics with Management
  • Post Grad Certificate in Neuroscience of Leadership

Lee is a husband and father of two boys. He enjoys his role as assistant coach to both of his son’s soccer teams and attending their baseball training and games as much as possible. He is always reading / listening to audio books and seeking to meet interesting people from different fields to expand his perspectives on leadership.

Rob Metcalfe

Rob Metcalf

Leadership Coach and Co-Facilitator

Rob has a passion for transforming organisations through leadership at every level. He routinely works with executive leadership teams and the individual leaders within them through consulting, facilitation and coaching. He is also experienced in Leadership Development, Performance Management, Personal Development and Leadership Assessment including the design and execution of Assessment and Development Centres.

He has 20 years of consulting experience and more than 30 years in leadership positions. He spent 10 years as Managing Director of LIW as well as establishing the LIW Consulting Practice.

  • Rob takes the challenging role of transforming organisations through leadership at every level.
  • He engages with multinational clients at a CEO level bringing over thirty years’ experience both in a distinguished military career and as a management consultant.
  • Rob offers strategic advice to executive teams to help align their thinking and actions
  • He supports the C-suite through mentoring and executive coaching.
  • BSC (Hons) Managerial and Administrative Sciences
  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument
  • PDI Profilor
  • Team Management Index
  • Upwards Feedback
  • DiSC
  • ICF Accredited Coach

Rob enjoys keeping a fatherly eye over his two grown daughters, yoga, golf, cycling, rugby, and bush walking. He even owns a VW camper to support his quest for adventure.

Helen Sorensen

Equine Specialist and Co-Facilitator

Helen grew up around horses in the beautiful hinterland town of Palmwoods, on Sunshine Coast. She inherited her Mother’s desire to support and help others through difficult beginnings. Helen has been working with Youth at Risk for over 20 years and is a qualified Mental Health Counsellor and Equine Specialist.

She brings gentle and compassionate observations to her work and also quietly challenges people to explore their limitations of awareness, which opens new possibilities for the participants.

Helen is highly credentialed and respected in her field and is a key partner in delivering our Horsepower Experience programs.

  • Facilitating equine assisted learning individual and group activities
  • Providing compassionate counselling for individuals struggling to break free of unhelpful behaviours.
  • An avid observer of energy transfer and acute enabler of self discovery
  • A curious explorer of your personal experience, who withholds judgement and creates the space for you to express and investigate more helpful strategies.

Horses, music, art, nature and family.

Francois Faure

Francois Faure

Leadership coach and co-facilitator

Francois works with leaders and their teams to create learning and innovation opportunities. His favourite space is the crossroads where logic and rigour meet empathy and personal transformation, enabling individuals and teams to explore their context, connect with their stakeholders and execute on their strategic initiatives with clarity, focus and momentum.

His formal education reflects the dual nature of his interests: Master of Engineering (Robotics) and Master of Management (Human Resources & Coaching).

  • The ability to create clarity from complex situations and facilitate the emergence of innovative and practical solutions.
  • Leadership development programs for female leaders of within global Technology industry
  • Leadership development program for Senior Executives of the Australian Federal Government
  • Strategy and leadership development for the World Food Program
  • Team coaching for Executive Leadership Team of global construction
  • Team coaching for the Project Leadership Team of one of Australia’s most complex infrastructure projects in the Health industry
  • Partner Development program for a global consulting firms, including coaching of senior Partners and Board members
  • The Professional Family program – a unique and innovative executive coaching program for dual-career couples, enabling better work-life balance.
  • Master of Engineering (Mechanical)
  • Master of Management (HR & Coaching)
  • Hogan Insights assessments
  • The Leadership Circle
  • Life Styles Inventory (LSI)

Francois lives on a small property in the Hunter Valley, north of Sydney, a reflection of his passion for nature and the environment (and his love of tools …). He enjoys seeing his two adult sons grow and develop as they find their place in the world.

The combination of the horse interaction and expert facilitation provided a mirror through which I could clearly see how my inner state affects my relationships with others. I found the horses to be experts at providing immediate and totally honest feedback on my relationship with them! This kind of clear, unambiguous feedback is a rare gift that is extremely valuable for anyone wishing to improve their leadership effectiveness.

Lee Williams, HR Program Director, Member of NeuroLeadership Institute

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