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Once you create clarity for yourself, then we support you to develop goals that will lead you to your chosen destiny and enable you to create the conditions for your own flourishing. We help you find your Ikigai – the value you find in daily living!

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How Equine Assisted Learning works

With Equine Assisted Learning (EAL), the horse acts as a partner in the participants learning, a fellow facilitator who responds to the feelings and actions of the participant. This is because horses have a highly evolved survival mechanism that can recognise threatening or safe intent from up to a kilometre away. Hence, their survival as a species.

Because of this unique attribute, horses act as a mirror for the internal state of a person and will react accordingly. This will usually be a non-verbal cue that is information for the participant to act upon. They need to act whilst finding a way internally to overcome or capitalise on emotional energy, thereby finding their own solution to their inner emotional state.

People who engage with EAL leave with deeper insight into themselves, greater confidence, and improved awareness of others. This program has proven time and again to provide the deepest impacts on personal and professional learning.

Completing the personal horsepower course has been a massive leap forward for me in my own personal development and effectiveness. By giving me a unique insight into myself and the opportunity to work on some of the areas that I needed to change, the exercises with the horses gave me immediate feedback and opportunity for reflection.

Nathan Cunningham, Senior Manager, Sandvik Mining & Construction

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