Powerful learning cultures achieve better outcomes

Powerful learning cultures achieve better outcomes

Harness the power of leading and living with impact!

Leadership Horsepower delivers powerful learning environments for leaders, teams and individuals that are relevant, meaningful and practical to support a continually improving competence base, that raises confidence and increases engagement.

In partnership we guide you to realise:

  • Greater clarity for alignment, decision making and direction
  • The promotion of psychological safety
  • Increased confidence in your leadership ability
  • The collective intelligence
  • The development of a leadership and talent pipeline
  • Increased satisfaction, motivation and performance.
big 5 leadership principles

Unsure about your
leadership blind spots?

This Scorecard has been designed to show leaders their blind spots. It provides instant, actionable steps on how to improve team engagement and performance.

Learning and development services for executives, teams and individuals

Leadership Development

Leadership can be a daunting and lonely place. Often people are thrown into these positions with little preparation. We provide leaders with the Big 5 Leadership principles, providing a foundation to harness the power of effective leadership and liberate the collective intelligence within teams.

Executive Coaching

When you’re at the top of the tree, there’s often nowhere to find support. Executive coaching is the perfect sounding board for challenging thinking, providing guidance and emotional support. You’ll build confidence in your own capacity to make better decisions.

The Horsepower Experience

Equine Assisted Learning leaves clients with deeper insight into themselves, greater confidence, and improved awareness of others. This program has proven time and again to provide the deepest impacts on both personal and professional learning.

Personal Horsepower Program

Designed to help you strip back the noise to identify and reconnect with what’s important and meaningful to you. Take these insights and develop strategies to help you succeed in all aspects of life.

stuart harrison

Learn with Stu

Chief Meaning Officer

From an early age, I’ve been fascinated with performance and how to get the best from myself and others. I’m a seeker of wisdom and knowledge – by doing, exploring, experimenting and observing. As a coach, I investigate the most effective ways to lead in the 21st century – and support you to create the conditions for success.

I help your team members identify what’s important to them and enable them to create purpose-driven goals and actions. This results in high engagement, motivation and highly effective teamwork.

Stu developed a very powerful program. This was my second session with Stu. After my first session I knew I had to run my team through the program and now a few months have passed and I am starting to see the rewards from the investment.

Toby Webb, Technical Support Manager – Load and Haul, Sandvik

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Stu has global experience with many clients across multiple industries and cultures ranging from the US, Europe, Africa, Asia and PNG.


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