Stu Harrison – Chief Meaning Officer

As Founder of Leadership Horsepower 12 years ago and a leadership consultant for over 20 years, I have been on a quest – to maximise potential. In my view, potential can only be realised with clear intentions and deliberate leadership.

I have led a life of experience. My curiosity always led me to choose unique and sometimes extreme situations where I could learn the most.

My history is a colourful one and includes years as a Champion Gymnast, stints as an Acrobat in commercials and pop videos and trained and served in the elite Royal Marines Commando. On leaving the Commandos I became one of Sydney’s renowned Personal Trainers, as well as competing in a vast array of adventure and endurance sports – testing my mental and physical fortitude.

With this breadth and depth of experience, I was fortunate enough to coach professional athletes on the America’s Cup in addition to various teams in the Australian Rugby Union and have Consulted to large multinationals on Leadership.

As you can see, my path is not the norm and I have a completely unique approach to learning and life – one that is more relevant today than ever before!