The leader in developing and harnessing the power of emotional intelligence, Leadership Horsepower delivers revolutionary leadership, behaviour and communication training programs that are practical, effective and transformational.

Leadership Horsepower assists professionals from directors and top-level executives to ‘shop floor’ staff to develop greater interpersonal effectiveness and higher levels of performance.

Our unique programs utilise cutting edge theory and innovative experiential activities that create a learning environment with meaning and true relevance. 

Through these programs and on-going coaching, Leadership Horsepower produces emotionally intelligent people, empowering them with the essential tools for corporate success.



To leave a legacy of socially intelligent leaders.


To inspire a greater depth of connection for individuals and organisations in order to achieve their goals by developing emotional intelligence and harnessing the power of effective communication.


It’s all about the client - we are aligned with their vision and committed to their success.

The individual is our champion - we focus on developing each person’s potential.
We act with integrity - our aim is to create success for our stakeholders through clear communication and attentiveness to their specific needs.
Connected people -  quality relationships brings people together.
Thought leaders - we keep our minds open to new ways of thinking.
We care - put simply, we care about you!

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"To realise their full potential, leaders need to deeply understand how they are in their relationships with others. The combination ..." read more
Lee Williams
HR Program Director
Member of The NeuroLeadership Institute