Let’s face it – developing new awareness, letting go of old habits and behaving in a new way is easy to say and much harder to do. That’s why traditional leadership training methods often fall short. Leadership Horsepower’s innovative methods are out-shining the ‘old school’ training programs by giving participants an authentic and unforgettable experience and in turn a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence.

Leading Science

As the world discovers new technologies and new sciences, so must leadership practices be current and cutting edge. We constantly review and renew our materials to ensure that they are releveant to the world we live in and to our clients.

We pride ourselves in having robust theoretical content in order to maximise the legitimate learning experience of our clients. By combining cutting edge theory, innovative activities and world class facilitation Leadership Horsepower delivers results!

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning has many benefits and few risks. Providing a unique experience to learn from allows equality to prevail.  Knowledge about the project, task or activity is relatively even amoungst the group encouraging sharing of ideas and creative problem solving techniques.

When in unfamiliar environments, humans will revert to a 'default' behaviour pattern. Your leadersip style, problem-solving skills and emotional intelligence is projected onto the experience, therby creating a unique opportunity to reflect and connect any learnings from the task. Becoming aware of your default approach allows you to make better choices of action in the future.

Status, roles and workplace heirarchy are not excuses in these experiences. Relationships need to be quickly forged and the focus on challange comes takes precedence. 

The ability to experiement in a safe environment with new or different techniques is essential to developing confidence, reasonable risk taking and the ability to implement any changes in the real world.

In experiential learning participants have a whole body or kinesthetic imprint of the cognitive process as this involves mental, physical and behavioural elements.

Equine Assisted Learning

Leadership Horsepower programs partner with horses to provide you with ‘real’ feedback on how your behaviour affects others. This process allows you to practice more constructive behaviour which will in turn help you build more productive relationships and encourage higher levels of performance in others.

Leader and team success are seen as inherently collaborative and social process so training needs to provide tools to accomplish them. (Day, 2001)

The Leadership Horsepower training experience is both unique and transformational. In today’s lucrative corporate world, successful development takes a combination of experiential learning and consistent support over time.

A horse never lies

Unlike humans, a horse does not have ulterior motives. A horse will react to what it sees. This instinctive animal will use its own emotions and physical actions to show how it is feeling about the situation, giving the participant a clear insight into his/her behaviours and actions. How we interact with horses demonstrates how we interact with all beings.

As humans, if we can develop skills that allow us to communicate more effectively and influence others, then we are sure to develop better relationships and therefore be more effective in our performance and our leadership. By interacting with horses we can develop essential tools to enable us to communicate with integrity, clarity, intention and attention, thereby maximising Leadership Horsepower.

It's not all about the horse

Horses are purely used as a tool in the Leadership Horsepower training programs. Horses act as very large mirrors by reacting to human behaviours and promoting awareness of these behaviours. Through our understanding of their intuitive nature, horses offer powerful insights into performance criteria such as leadership, credibility and mannerisms that can affect a leader and teams successfully working together.

The programs are learner-centered and offered in a safe learning environment. Please note that there is NO requirement to ride a horse. The programs are delivered in a group or one-on-one basis and participants are able to consolidate learning over time.

Proven results

Leadership Horsepower’s unique experiential activities have demonstrated success for industries ranging from:

  • building and construction
  • communications
  • defense forces
  • distribution
  • fitness
  • financial
  • government
  • health care
  • hospitality
  • insurance
  • manufacturing
  • marketing and sales
  • mining
  • not-for-profit
  • retail
  • sports
  • technology
  • travel
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