"To realise their full potential, leaders need to deeply understand how they are in their relationships with others. The combination of the horse interaction and expert facilitation provided a mirror through which I could clearly see how my inner state affects my relationships with others. I found the horses to be experts at providing immediate and totally honest feedback on my relationship with them! This kind of clear, unambiguous feedback is a rare gift that is extremely valuable for anyone wishing to improve their leadership effectiveness"
Lee Williams
HR Program Director
Member of The NeuroLeadership Institute
"If you want to get the most out of your team, invest in some time with Stuart. His understanding of your requirements and his delivery of the material are second to none. Results are assured!" - Sales Intelligence Program
Bernie Green
Sales Director
Retail Express
"The Sales Intelligence Program" was very engaging and delivered with a high level of energy. Stuart always makes his sessions appropriate and relatable to the specific audience he is speaking to. 10 out of 10 NPS!"
Michael Woodruff
Marketing Director
Retail Express
“Kell & Rigby’s Queensland business worked with Leadership Horsepower over a 6 month period commencing in December 2009.  The economic environment at this time was extremely challenging and our business experienced aggressive price competition when bidding for new projects, a decline in workload and tight cash flow conditions.  Our QLD team had also only been established for 18 months and was at the beginning of our first business development cycle.  We chose to invest in both leadership development training and one-on-one emotional intelligence coaching to keep challenging and growing our staff throughout this period.
Stu’s input fostered a strong sense of resolve within our team to see through our difficulties.  The individual coaching sessions addressed a number of very tough business and client issues which were eventually overcome in a high professionally manner – and resulted in the creation of an excellent repeat client relationship and some very strong ties with key subcontractors.  The way our staff carried themselves through this period also noticeably improved with everyone showing more self-drive, a willingness to pitch in and help when someone else was struggling and being open, honest & frank with their communication. Stu used simple leadership tools and coaching methods which resonated well with our guys and has equipped them to read and manage other people a lot more effectively”.
Evan Leslie
Business Manager
Kell & Rigby
“Your leadership horsepower module has had such a great impact on both my work & personal life, it has reinforced the fact that in order to have an impact on others, you must first change how you present yourself physically, vocally & mentally. Reading about this counterintuitive concept does not compare to seeing it in practice, seeing this concept work with horses is truly amazing. Thanks again”.
Andrew Ramirez
Contract Administrator
Kell & Rigby

"The Sales Intelligence Program has brought an awareness to my own behaviours and how I perceive others. With this awareness, my relationships both in business and personal have so much more clarity around them.

I found it to be a very enjoyable learning experience with great practical exercises to develop awareness and build skills in leadership and communication and so wonderful to see someone who loves their job!"

Bamik Hambaz
Online Marketing & Content Manager
Retail Express
"Reflecting on our activities and creating my own development action plan I  feel the Sales Intelligence Program has helped me become more laser-focuesd and strategic in executing my sales calls."
Troy Netreba
Retail Express

Completing the personal horsepower course has been a massive leap forward for me in my own personal development and effectiveness. By giving me a unique insight into myself and the opportunity to work on some of the areas that I needed to change, the exercises with the horses  gave me immediate feedback and opportunity for reflection.

The follow up sessions reinforced the learnings and focused on the way they were being implemented in the real world. I learnt the benefits of being less task focused and critical as well as becoming more flexible as the environment changed. I also learnt the importance of spending time on the relationships and how this creates a positive outcome for all.

Stuart has a unique ability to create a positive and secure environment
that makes even the most old school of participants open up and actively
participate in the course and implement the learnings that come from this.

Nathan Cunningham
Senior Manager
Sandvik Mining and Coanstruction
"LOVED STU! GREAT GUY! His personal stories and attitude has been a reality check for me as I have always been so positive and full of life, but I have been burning the candle at both ends. Stu gave me the reminder that I need to check myself before I wreck myself! I now understand how my emotional and physical self needs to be nurtured in order to continue delivering my best potential."
Amber Childs
Retail Express
“The impact on learning about my impact on the horse, with my tone and body language, was the key to understanding my impact on others”
Michael Gooding
MY Keri Lee Charters
“I now have a better understanding of other peoples emotions through recognizing certain body-language signals…

…I hope that everyone in the Police Department is able to attend this course!”
Deborah Stewart
Code Enforcement
Colorado Springs Police Department
“The hands on training with the horses and the debriefing of each exercise to transfer the learnings makes it much more thought provoking…
…The program highlighted my senses to be aware of my clients feelings & actions and to enabled me to be more open about what might or could happen at all times. It has also enabled me to have more empathy & understanding of my teammates and highlighted the need to establish clarity.”
Jeff Robinson
Code Enforcement
Colorado Springs Police Department
“It has given me a skill set to take back to the work place that will increase my relationship effectiveness with co-workers and also help read & relate to the public…
…It has deepened my understanding of myself…This is very helpful training & very memorable experiences. It will not easily be forgotten as many other trainings have been.”
Laura Hogan
Code Enforcement
Colorado Springs Police Department
“The program highlighted the importance of clarity with goals and roles, whilst enhancing my awareness of the surroundings. It has also enabled me to control a fear of horses by using certain strategies to stay calm & relaxed. This enabled me to understand the impact I have on my own behaviours and the subsequent impact on others.”
Ken Gallegos
Code Enforcement
Colorado Springs Police Department

“I found the course enlightening particular to consideration of ones emotions and energy levels impact not only one self but others around. Now have ability to take into consideration and how to better utilise to have positive effect.

Re affirming importance of communication with clarity, intent and associated praise guidance through out.”
Michael Whitehouse
Rock Tools Manager
Sandvik Mining & Construction

“I have recently completed the Leadership Horsepower program.  As a Manager of a small team, dealing with customers internally & externally on a daily basis, I found the Personal Horsepower experience to be very beneficial in assessing the way I manage relationships & improving rapport & trust through improved communication & understanding.” 

“Working with the horses was an interesting experience, with two sides. At times it can be embarrassing to interact with the animals naturally with people watching, at the same time the using the horses as a metaphor, it was quite easy to role play without feeling that the horses were judging you.

The discussion during and at the end of the interactions really helped to understand what was happening & relate the experiences back to work & normal life.

The horses are very honest & give immediate feedback on what they do & do not like.

Horses can't talk about you after you leave so is easier to be yourself & try things when role playing."

Jason Sleep
Contracts Manager
Sandvik Mining & Construction
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"To realise their full potential, leaders need to deeply understand how they are in their relationships with others. The combination ..." read more
Lee Williams
HR Program Director
Member of The NeuroLeadership Institute