The focus of this program is to maximise a team’s capacity to produce successful results by developing trust, respect, open and clear communication and problem solving skills. Participants will be introduced to the basic principles of creating mutually beneficial relationships and building high-powered teams. They will develop awareness of their default individual behaviours and the impact of these behaviours on others.

Valuable team outcomes

This program will equip team members with the skills to:

  • understand individual behaviours
  • improve listening skills
  • develop trust and respect 
  • trust their instinct and intuition
  • develop body language techniques to influence outcomes
  • harness team problem-solving skills
  • appreciate individual diversity
  • harness subtle communication skills to promote better connections between team members
  • develop harmonious relationships
  • use appropriate levels of assertiveness

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"To realise their full potential, leaders need to deeply understand how they are in their relationships with others. The combination ..." read more
Lee Williams
HR Program Director
Member of The NeuroLeadership Institute