Leadership Horsepower utilises relevant profiling and psychometric tools to increase the understanding of emotional intelligence, thinking preferences and behaviours.


This unique profile measures a person's ability to perceive, understand, use and manage emotions. It is based on the work done by Mayer, Salovey and Caruso who coined the term Emotional Intelligence in the 1990's.


Developed by Dr Geil Browning, this tool measures four thinking attributes (analytical, conceptual, structural and social) and three behavioural attributes (expressiveness, assertiveness and flexibility) giving us a good understanding of how an individual likes to think, behave and communicate.


Developed in Australia, this is a great profile that shows preference for certain types of work roles. There are eight work roles: reporter/advisor, innovator/creator, explorer/promoter, assessor/developer, thruster/organiser, concluder/producer, controller/inspector and upholder/maintainer. Each function is critical to an organisation, however teams and organisations can become imbalanced in these functions therefore demonstrating a weakness in the least represented areas.

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