This one-on-one modulised program is designed to equip an individual with the specific skills required to gain a more positive influence and higher personal performance. A 360-degree feedback profile is gathered from team members and superiors to develop a personal action plan for the participant. This gives the individual a clear understanding of the skills he/she needs to develop.

The participant is then guided through a coaching process with the horse and facilitator to develop the new skills in a focused and supportive environment. This process provides an opportunity to practice the skills until he/she feels confident, competent and is committed to change.

Valuable personal outcomes

This program will enable the participant to:

  • understand natural default behaviours (positive and negative)
  • become clear about the intended outcome for their communication
  • communicate with integrity, clarity, intention and attention
  • create trusting relationships
  • manage emotions in self and others
  • deal with conflict in an effective manner
  • use powerful techniques to manage stress
  • master the art of assertiveness
  • become an integral team member by learning to respond appropriately to emotions in others
  • continue to develop their skills through self-reflection
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