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David Whyte

David Whyte has written extensively on the nature and importance of courageous conversations as a way of more fully engaging with our work, our relationship partners and our deepest desires. A poet, author, lecturer and Associate Fellow at Said Business School, University of Oxford, he has developed a significant body of work on creativity and organizational development. His pioneering work in the area of courageous conversations has brought him into some of the top organizations and executive education programs in the world. 

Benjamin Smythe

Described as a 'Life Artist', Benjamin Smythe is a refreshing, honest and humourous man. If I ever feel like a pep-talk or just need a different perspective on life's challenges, then Benjamin is my 'go to' person. Utilising the social media, he has become a global phenominon. Watch his videos and be enlightened. Prepared yourself for honesty and an ice cold bath of reality! 


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