This program focuses on developing specific leadership skills that are required by a leader to get the best performance from his/her team members.

It is a unique combination of 'hard' skills and critical 'soft' skills that produce Leadership Horsepower within people.

Valuable outcomes

This program will enable leaders to:

  • establish a foundation for success
  • apply critical planning tools
  • create sound strategies
  • recognise emotional signals in others and be able to act accordingly
  • positively influence other people’s behaviour to increase performance
  • communicate with integrity, clarity, intention and attention
  • manage emotions in self and others
  • understand the causes of certain behaviours
  • create more empathy towards others
  • master the art of assertiveness
  • demonstrate a high level of interpersonal effectiveness
  • develop high performing teams through collaboration
  • manage stress and conflict
  • produce success.


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"To realise their full potential, leaders need to deeply understand how they are in their relationships with others. The combination ..." read more
Lee Williams
HR Program Director
Member of The NeuroLeadership Institute