In a world economy that demands more for less, most companies are competing for limited skilled resources in order to gain competitive market advantage or simply keep up with customer requirements! This can create a task focused and reactive culture, thereby producing more stress and less results. 

The aim of this program is to develop the critical coaching skills – an important function of leadership - of listening to the body language as well as the voice, questioning in order to have the coachee own their development and  enabling their team members to build confidence in themselves.

This program is specially scripted using research and feedback from the relevant departments within your organisation to develop realistic work scenarios that leaders need to manage. 

Valuable outcomes

This program will enable leaders to:

  • perceive emotional signals in others and act accordingly
  • understand how to use their body in communication
  • set the appropriate environment for coaching
  • use emotions to influence others
  • communicate with integrity, clarity, intention and attention
  • use feedback effectively 
  • create healthier and meaningful relationships
  • manage emotions in self and others
  • remain focused on the issues at hand
  • create more empathy towards others
  • master the art of assertiveness
  • develop high performing teams
  • develop a culture of coaching
  • produce success
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"To realise their full potential, leaders need to deeply understand how they are in their relationships with others. The combination ..." read more
Lee Williams
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